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March 11, 2012

...and then you were upon us. Starfish Brooklyn


This story isn't a whole lot different than the story of the first Starfish Circus that took place last year in Los Angeles at Largo. Except the this one takes place in Brooklyn at a beautiful motherfucker of a club called the Bell House. Like the first Starfish advance ticket sales were light and so a week before the show the club asked if we could start tweeting etc. PANIC. Dave and I got worried. The last LA circus had been too soon on the heels of the X-Mas one and the whole Starfish franchise seemed doomed to end in New York. They are big dream shows that require a big crowd. We didn't seem to have them. That said we were excited to go. Greg Camp, the Reigning Monarchs east coast bass player , hooked the band up with a gig at a punk club called the Grand Victory, Dave and I found extra standup sets and decided "Hey if only 50 people show on Sat, what the fuck? Lets tear that shit up and that will be the end of that." But I think secretly we were both worried and bummed. And if you've been following our lives of late you know they have been a sea of wet wigs and rejections. 

...and then you were UPON us! People showing up early to see if they could help. HELP?! Every seat on the floor filled. People standing. People dressed again as clowns. And you gave us something we will never forget. You gave us the ability and the permission to put on the best fucking show we know how and to do the things we love the most. You made it possible for me to play music in a sizable rock and roll venue with my band and one of my very favorite singer songwriters in the whole world Rhett Miller.  You embraced a relatively green comic found in the Dome who's name, Sam Zayvan, you will surely come to know. Backstage Dave kept looking at me going, "He's good. He's fucking good!" Shit we'd only seen the one thing Sam had posted in the Dome. He could have been terrible. You let always funny Todd Barry play drums. You welcomed Nikki Glaser as if she were related to Dave and I, and I am certain you will someday be so psyched you got to see this already great comic this early in her career. And yes she's as nice as she seems. You were so good as a crowd Karen Kilgariff flipped her set around seconds before she went on and tried two completely new songs because she knew you'd let her. And so her and Monarch Mike winged a lot of what you saw. You fucking ate it up with a fork. And don't think those songs wont be on her full length album that I'm gonna force her to record. And you gave Dave the respect and admiration for his stand up that is so fucking long overdue. 
But it was seeing you afterwards that all came together for Dave and I. Meeting many of you for the first time, but also seeing some of you again, and seeing you see each other we realized, as we have long expected, this Starfish Circus is so much more than a show. It's a, dare I say, gathering. I've been in show business a long fucking time and I've never had the kind of fans/friends this show has created. We have more in common with the Grateful Dead than Doug Loves Hallways. That is something Dave and I are incredibly proud of.  When a man in a 19 Oranges t-shirt, a white cardi, a full beard and mustache walks up to you and says "Hey man, I'm Can Of Cunts from the Dome." and you don't want to call security you know you've created something truly special. The Starfish Circus is about us gathering in renovated slaughterhouses laughing and getting our sad on! And then SKANLING (How rad was it that that they just happened to gave a DJ playing classic ska? Foooodie) That being said. They have to be special and people have have enough time to figure out how to get to them. The live podcuddles are where Dave and I do what we do, which is pathetic. The Starfish Circus is where we do what we always dreamed of doing, also pathetic. There will be more of both. So stay Tuned! And thank you.

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