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July 25, 2011

Karen Kilgariff's Behind You!

kkheadshot.jpgKaren Kilgariff has to be one of the funniest people that stumbles around Dave's and my sad, wet, pathetic, universe if not the Universe in general. Karen is a relatively unknown comedy python, that started her comedy career in San Francisco in the early 90's. Her standup was dark, funny and kind of a meansexy(new word). While Dave went to yell in New York, Karen and I, obsessed with drinking in large groups, migrated down to LA on a river of booze, hope, and Soundgarden. Once there Karen would wear corduroy pants and form the short lived but furiously popular Girls Guitar Club of Greater Los Angeles with that quirky awesome blond girl from 24. She would also become a cast member of the groundbreaking Mr. Show and I would get scars on my liver from tequila shooters. Since that time Karen has spent most of her career creating comedy gold for others and has done a brilliant job of it. As the head writer for the "Don't Snitch" lady she won an tray of Emmys(TM), and various other lucite collectable accolades. But then, according to me, something awesome happened! She left daytime TV and reappeared in the clubs, this time alone, armed with sweet vitriol and an acoustic guitar. Unlike many comic song writers Karen's songs sound like real songs with observed lyrics. Lyrics that, if your really listen, aren't just amusing but are actually achingly sad and poignant and move your heart to the "I have to laugh or I'll cry place." And sometimes they are just retarded. Of course I was blown away. Karen was cool enough to let me force her into a studio (not physically) with my good friend, producer and musician Paul Doucette (Break and Repair Method and MB20) to make Behind You a fistful of awesome happy sad for your side head holes. And for the internet friendly price of 3 dollars. I urge you to, at the very least, go listen to these songs because someone should know of her genius before she goes back to work in the coal mines of daytime telly.  Sweater!
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