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June 8, 2011

Starfish Circus

The-Starfish-Circus_poster-v1.r.1.jpgWell tickle my taint, people! We are doing it! Walking The Room and the makers of Grip Em Ups present STARFISH CIRCUS a too tragic evening of comedy, music, and preening from the stars of America's least downloaded, shiv weilding, podcuddle, and Australia's most handsome man podcast. That's right, sharing the stage for the first and hopefully last time anywhere are Wil Anderson, Dave Anthony, Greg Behrendt, and The Reigning Monarchs. This is for one night only. June 27th 9PM, Largo. And it's only $20 for what at best is a $3 dollar show. But Dave's boy Finn wants to go to college. In all honesty the boys could really use your support on this one LA Cuddlahs! It's time to start taking this sadness out of the closet and let it fail in front of people! Tell a friend there's a wet circus coming to town! And then stare at them until they cry! P.S. This is not a live podcast it's a standup show. There will be a love cuddle later this summer. However we are going to record this as a bonus PREMIUM episode for those of you left behind. More on this as details become available!

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