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August 11, 2011

The DIY of WTR Merch

photo_2.JPG.1.jpgHopefully by now you have received your WTR tubes, envelops or boxes of sad and you are satisfied (relative term) with the product. If you did not, or are not, please contact us immediately at walkingtheroom@gmail.com and we will do what we can to make the process longer and more frustrating. In all honesty Dave and I, and our merch buddy Angelo, take great pride in doing not just the stuffing, stamping, licking, and rubbing of bare rumples on the envelopes, but also love creating and actually making the products. There is something very punk rock and rewarding about doing it ourselves that gives us great satisfaction and makes us feel like we are connecting with podcustomer on a more personal level.(Know that Dave shouts "I hate you!" into every tube) But because this is a new operation there are gonna be mistakes so please be patient with us as you have been with the cuddle while we learn how to do this best possible way. Dave and I intend on making great limited run posters, T shirts, and corn dog sheaths as well as the soon to be always available black WTR black concert T. You guys seem to have a voracious appetite as we've sold out of everything we've made so far, so we will continue to think of new ways for you to lose friends! C4L Mantits and Sweater!
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