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September 20, 2011

What is Starfish Circus II?

The-Starfish-Circus2_poster-opt3.jpgOn Monday the 26th of Sept at Largo in Los Angeles around 9pm those idiots from Walking The Room present the second in a series of two bad decisions. The first being leaving the house, the second of course, thinking that performing their standup comedy in front of others is a good idea. The great news for you however is that they will not undertake this bonzai venture alone. The first victim to be joining our sad wet monkeys is comic powerhouse, pioneer podcaster, and all around good egg Jimmy Pardo. Like your comedy contemporary and wearing a food encrusted beard? Us too and that's why dipshits one and two invited Kyle Kinane to join the proceedings. But if that's not enough here's the cherry on top. Flying in from Chicago for this one night only performance is musician and comedian Karen Kilgariff. Karen's new album Behind You is a comic punch in the heart and she will be performing songs from it with sexy sweaty surf lions The Reigning Monarchs. But wait there's more. Show benefactor Patton Oswalt has arranged for there to be TREATS and so the Lake Street Creamery will be in their truck serving up Walking The Room themed ice creams post circus. Holy shit. Oh and one more thing! Meet cuddlahs Paul Armstrong, and Angelo Warner who will be signing and numbering and selling their original posters. Also meet Vicky Pezza the keeper of our secrets. And fucking just come ok! It's all these guys have. TIX
The-Starfish-Circus2_poster-opt3.jpg Lion_Head-1g-1-2.jpg 318353_215461428510116_127915030598090_595193_1810496065_n.jpg
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